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WELCOME To My Bytterfly's Display Boxes
I tend to like to do everything by myself and my Collection Boxes where no exceptions. The best way to learn something, is to do it yourself, and this way it comes out cheaper and you get exactly what you wanted. I just started to collect Butterfly's at the end of November 2010 and so far I have over 366 Butterfly's. The boxes I built are of my own very simple design and they are easy and cheap to built. Those boxes are 18 by 24 inches. I also built one box 24 by 36 inches with a glass cover that open with hinges and latch so that I can place my butterfly's there until I have enough to put them in a permanent display box. So this box is my temporary box, and when it's almost full, it is time that I move some butterfly's out. See photo below at the first and second position that shows my Temporary Box. Butterflies are just amazing and there is so much of them that I could not ever have them all, so I just picked the most beautiful and colourful butterfly I could find to build my collection. For now I think that I have enough, since that I ran out of wall space anyway. Most of my butterfly where purchased from Thorne's Insect Shoppe LTD in London Ontario. I always had good and fast service and excellent quality of butterflies from them. Of course I tried other suppliers and I soon find out that Thorne's Insect Shoppe is the best in Canada.
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My Butterfly Collection-Temporary Box
My Butterfly Collection-Temporary Box-Ful
My Butterfly Collection-Box-1
My Butterfly Collection-Temporary Box 24 X 36 inch.
My Butterfly Collection-Temporary Box
My Butterfly Collection-Box-1-Giant-Atlas-Moth and Mix
My-Collection-Box-2-Atlas-Moth and Mix,
My Butterfly Collection-Box-3
My Butterfly Collection-Box-4
My Butterfly Collection Box-5
My Butterfly Collection Box-6
My Butterfly Collection-Box-3-Ornithoptera
My Butterfly Collection-Box-4-Ornithoptera
My Butterfly Collection Box-5-MORPHO-White-Background
My Butterfly Collection Box-6-MORPHO-Dark-Background
My Butterfly Collection-Box-7
My Butterfly Collection-Box-8
My Butterfly Collection-Box-9
My Butterfly Collection-Box-10
My Butterfly Collection-Box-7-Mix
My Butterfly Collection-Box-8-PAPILIO
My Butterfly Collection-Box-9-TROGONOPTERA, TROIDES
My Butterfly Collection-Box-10-PAPILIO
My Butterfly Collection-Box-11
My Butterfly Collection-Box-12
My Butterfly Collection-Box-13
My Butterfly Collection-Box-14
My Butterfly Collection-Box-11-PAPILIO and MIX
My Butterfly Collection-Box-12
My Butterfly Collection-Box-13- Caligo
My Butterfly Collection-Box-14- MIX
My Butterfly Collection-Box-15
My Butterfly Collection-Box-15- ACTIAS
My Butterfly Collection-Box-19
My Butterfly Collection-Box-19- Sea-Shells and Mix Butterflies
Butterfly-My-BUGS-Collection-Box-1 Dim. with Frame 12 X 19
Butterfly-My-BUGS-Collection-Box-2 Dim. with Frame 12 X 19
Butterfly-My-BUGS-Collection-Box-3 Dim. with Frame 12 X 19

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