How to Sample My CHOCOLATE Bars.

If you would like to SAMPLE my Chocolate Bars you must FIRST Contact Me and Specify what kind of Chocolate you would like to sample and the quantity, and then I will reserve your order in the next batch and I will let you know how much it will cost.

This is the only way that you will be able to get any of my Chocolate Bars, because I don't want to dive into heavy productions, I just want to keep doing it to learn more about it and if some people would like to sample some of my Chocolate, GOOD for Them,

They will taste REAL Chocolate for the FIRST TIME.



Their weight is in Ounces but I can't guarantee that it is exactly what it is going to be when you will get them, because it depends if there is Almonds, or Pecans, or Peanuts in them and if I over filled the molds or not. I do my best to put as much as I can in the molds but it does not always work the way I want it to.

Normally the Large Bar is approximately 3.5 ounces
the Medium Bar is approximately 2.6 ounces
the Small Bar is approximately 1.8 ounces.
and the Very Small Bar is approximately 1.3 ounces.

So if you want to sample any of my Chocolate please Contact Me FIRST by e-mail at My e-mail....
and PLEASE don't send me any money before I say that you have your bars reserved in the next batch, or that I  guarantee your bars that I already have in stock.



SMALL= 3 $


LARGE= 7 $

Plus 5 $ posting fees for orders UNDER 450 grams with No tracking # and 18 $ posting for bigger orders above 500 grams, because they go as Parcels with a tracking #.


Believe me, those are very good price, because usually Artisan Chocolate cost around 12 $ for 2 Ounces, and I am way below this margin. I don't do this to make money, but just enough to pay back my equipment would be nice. I do this to learn how to make the best possible Chocolate I can make and share my findings and my Chocolate with all of you.

Here is some of the possibilities that I could put together in the Chocolate bars. The possibilities are quite a few if you change around the combinations.

For a Special Order just for you and to your taste, it would have to be for 6 Larges Bars or more, then I would do a batch specially just for you and the way you want it. The rest of the batch if it does not sell I will keep it for me, and I won't complain about that. I LOVE all kind of Chocolate. If you order less then 6 Large Bars you will have to wait till I make a batch that would match your taste. See the end of this page to see what I have available right now that can be Sampled.

All bars will have Cocoa Nibs, and Cocoa Butter and Palm Sugar because those are the 3 basic ingredients that I use in ALL the chocolate Bars I make, but depending on the recipe the amount of those 3 basic ingredients can vary, but you can Choose between Dark Chocolate or Dark Milk Chocolate.

I don't do White Chocolate because it is NOT chocolate at all, simply because there is no Chocolate NIBS in them, only Cocoa Butter, Powder Milk and Sugar. Even if Cocoa Butter is extracted form the Cocoa Beans it is NOT chocolate, it is only Butter, or (Fat). The percentage of fat in a raw cocoa Beans is 50 % chocolate and 50% fat or Butter. When we make Chocolate from raw cocoa beans we ALWAYS add a bit more of Cocoa Butter to help the crystallization of the Chocolate in the Tempering process and also to facilitate the mix in the melangeur and for other purposes. But if there is only Cocoa Butter and no NIBS, then it is NOT Chocolate, It's Just White Candy with coco butter in it.

See my recipe on How to make Zest, in ENGLISH or in FRENCH

The other ingredients you can chose to have are, Milk Powder, Almonds, Pecans, Peanuts. Note that I can bring them to powder so as not to have the crunch in the bars but the taste will be there. So Crunchy or not will be another choice.


So if you would like to Sample Dark Milk Chocolate Bars there is going to be some Milk Powder in them. Know that I use half and half Soy Milk Powder with Whole milk Powder because Whole Milk Powder has too much Saturated fat by itself and the Soy Milk Powder is more nutritious and has barely any fat in it, so the Soy Milk Powder balances the amount of fats to be lower in the Chocolate bars and makes it more nutritious. But when making Milk Chocolate the fat content has to be higher around 35 % because apparently there should also be around 35 % fat in Milk Chocolate Recipe to ease the fluidity of the materiel in the melangeur, but sometime you can bring it down to 30 % Fat, but I rather put in more Cocoa Butter then more saturated fat from the Whole Milk Powder.

So here is some of the possibilities that I can do.

1- Dark Chocolate or Dark Milk Chocolate or Milk Chocolate.

If you want Dark Milk or Milk Chocolate, there will be Soy Milk Powder and Whole Milk Powder in the bar.

2- With or without Nuts.
If you want Nuts, witch ones would you like, any one of them or a combination of two or all of them together in the same bar.

3- With Zest or No Zest,

4- Almonds,

5- Pecans,

7- Peanuts,

8- Coconut,

9- Crunchy,
Crunchy would be like big chunks of nuts in the bars.

10- Smooth.
Smooth the nuts are grinded to powder and they will be mixed in with the Chocolate, so you won't see them but you will taste them.

The above Sticker is behind each bar I make to Identify Exactly what is in the Bar. For Example if there would be any Pecans in the bar there would be a black dot beside it like the above dots beside the Nibs, Cacao Butter and the Palm Sugar. If there is no Milk Powder then it is Dark Chocolate, if there is Milk Powder then is is Dark Milk Chocolate.

Know that I can not guarantee a fast response to your request as I don't make a batch of Chocolate everyday, and for your special order to be accepted you must request more then 6 Large Bars of the chocolate you would like to have. Or you can wait till I have enough demand to make a batch of either Dark Chocolate or Dark Milk Chocolate with your special request.

Otherwise, I will put here the type of bars that are NOW AVAILABLE

and how many of each. So if you would like to sample some, be the first to ask, they go fast.

I am sure that like me, you will find that it will be the best chocolate that you will have ever tasted, made with the best and fresh ingredients available to me.


Batch# 15 recipe below.

You can now Reserve your bars from batch# 15



BATCH # 15 2019-04-15

This recipe contains 68 % cocoa. 45.42% fat.
Will be In the Wet Grinder for 24 Hours or more.

53 % NIBS= 1,060 grams. (53X54÷100=28.62 % fat)
15 % COCOA BUTTER= 300 grams. (15% fat)
5 % Whole MILK POWDER= 100 grams. (5% ÷ 100 X 26= 1.3% fat)
5% coconut Milk Powder= 100 grams (5% ÷ 100 X 10= .5% fat)
22 % COCO PALM SUGAR= 440 grams.
TOTAL MATERIEL= 2,000 grams.

Added 5 grams of Vanilla Sugar .25%

Cheers and have a wonderful Chocolate day.

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