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I was Born in 1948 in Bagotville Province of Quebec, my Father was a Professional Photographer and he introduced me to Photography at a very young age. It was not long that I took photos at Weddings and special occasions all by myself. I did not really like to take pictures of people, my heart has always been with Landscapes. At the age of 21 I decided to take an Art course with the FAMOUS ARTIST SCHOOL in Connecticut USA and that helped me a lot with the part of composition in visual art. I was not very productive in my paintings since it was only a hobby, and I always had a strong preference for Photography. So I have been involved in photography for nearly 50 years now and I am now retired from my regular work and I am still taking pictures more then ever, and I will probably never stop. Landscape Photography also gives me an excuse to get out in the great outdoors of our beautiful country. Photography was also just a hobby and that I mostly did only for my own joy and satisfaction and I did it also to learn more about it and to improve my techniques as I went on. Someone once told me to take life one moment at a time, (ENJOY THE MOMENT) he said, so as I got older I realized that the most important things in life are the (here) and the (now), so I tried to preserve the best moments of my life with my camera since my memory is not that good. This is for me the best way to save those precious moments. Looking back at my Photos is like being there again and again in those beautiful moments lost in time. In the past I kept all those precious moments in my heart just for me and now I can share them with you all. Can't get any better then this. I wrote an essay on THE ART OF COMPOSITION IN VISUAL ART and it is in a PDF format. It includes my 48 Years of experience as an artist and a photographer and also some of the fundamentals of my ART course. It is aimed to help anybody involved with artist work like Paintings, drawings, and also Photography as well. The 7 basic Guidelines of Composition in my essay can be applied in any kind of visual art and are the most important factors that will help you to achieve success, even more important then the type of medium you use, or even your own technique.

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As far as the Chocolate goes, I wanted to try a new experience and to learn new things, and Chocolate was my first choice since that I have always loved Chocolate and I was tired of depending on the market to provide me with good quality chocolate, and after searching for so long I realized that it does not exist, or it is very expensive and hard to find, so I might as well learn how to do it by myself and create my own Chocolate Recipe. Of course I always like to share my experience with others to put them on the right track if they want to try to do it on their own, and don't let anybody tell you that you can't do that in your own kitchen, because YOU CAN.

I do it in a small apartment, and you don't need much equipment to get started. Just follow the step by step procedures and my simple explanations and you will soon realize that it is much easier then you thought it would be.

It's fun, It's Easy, and the Chocolate taste sooooooooo good.

Chocolate is food for the Soul and also for your body. INFORMATION ON CHOCOLATE It is full of Antioxidant, the only set back is the sugar, well for that I only use COCONUT SUGAR, or also called Coco Palm Sugar, or Palm Sugar, it is more nutritious then any other sweetener or sugars and it has trace minerals and vitamins, and all other sugars, DON'T have any.

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I will make Chocolate until GOD stops me and reclaim my Spirit.


I Hope that you will enjoy all the free information I give you on How to make Chocolate at Home and from here you will be able to do it also in your own Kitchen.

Enjoy and Share.............Ghislain.


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